Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beach Trip

When you're going to the beach, one thing you may forget to pack is a dress.  You will need one! So whether it's a maxi skirt or dress or your favorite little sundress, throw that in along with the cutoff shorts and slogan tees you won't wear anywhere else because, well, they're things you just wear to the beach.  Otherwise you will get to the beach, see everyone wearing cute dresses, and just have to go shopping.

I am bringing the little faded black beaded embroidered spaghetti strapped dress I bought at one of those irresistible beach dress stores to my upcoming beach vacation.  I haven't seemed to find another use for it.  Tied to this very casual piece is a feeling of carefree, cool relaxation.  I will complete the look with a beach themed anklet and my very worn, very comfortable Clark's flip flops.  And of course a large brimmed black straw hat.

Happy summer!

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