Friday, January 9, 2015

Shoes Have Power

Shoes have power!  The right shoes can make you feel special, attractive, tall, professional, confident, (FILL IN ADJECTIVE HERE).  The wrong shoes can make you feel frumpy, old, unhappy, (FILL IN ADJECTIVE HERE), not to mention, causing you pain in your feet, knees and back.  Choose your shoes wisely!  (ALDO boots, super comfy, delicious color)


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What is Fashion?

What is fashion? Is it what you're supposed to wear? Is it what everyone else is wearing? And who really has the authority to tell us what to wear? No white after Labor Day and no jeans at work--those used to be standard fashion rules. Now every day is jeans day in most offices and many other fashion rules have gone the way of the typewriter. Bye bye.

So why are fashion magazines and tv shows and blogs everywhere? Why is everyone still shopping and fixing their hair and worrying about how they look and what they wear?

There is something so natural about preening and primping and dressing to fit in and dressing to stand out and caring to make a good impression.

And most of all, it's fun.

We all have to get dressed every morning anyway. Let's have a little fun.

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